We deliver a return on investment and tell you exactly how we’re doing it along the way. It sounds simple, but it makes the world of difference to our clients and their campaigns.


We help small and bigger businesses make a big impact with Expert Web Design, Social Media and SEO.


Our expert team is not only delivering results, but making them original, unique and fascinating!

What We Do

The Internet is the place your company needs to be present today!

Unique Approach

We seek opportunities in order to find the best possible solution for your company. Creativity and success have no limits, why should you?

Comprehensive analysis

We use real-time data, predictions, and logic in creating a strategy. You may not like numbers, but they speak more than 1000 words.

Commited to Growth

We know that constant innovations and commitment to work lead to success. That is why our mission is helping you develop a sustainable and growing business.

We're Awesome & Creative

The digital world is our home.

From the very beginning, we strive only for excellence. That is why we do not accept any obstacle that we face, we defeat it. Our philosophy isn’t just about our growth and success, it is about creating success stories for every one of our clients. When there is potential, we are the right team to make it a reality.

What Services Do We Offer

Our professional team will make sure that all of your demands will be met.

Social Media Management

We create interactive and high-quality content for your social networks with right targeting and at the right time

Digital Advertising

We have expertise in making online platforms the best source of your customers and profits

Web Site Development

Our agency creates brand new websites and platforms for your needs, and improve existing ones

SEO Optimization

Our team master Search Engine Optimization to maximize your website's outreach and increase traffic

PPC Marketing

Strategnetic's Pay-per-click team is focused on growing your conversions and boosting your ROI

Marketing Consulting

We offer advisory and consulting services to your company that will help you establish a more successful brand

Meet Our Executive Team

Meet our leaders that are working together with our team from the very beginning. We value talent, creativity and hard work, and that is why we get the job done!

Uros Pajcin
    Uros Pajcin

    co-founder & CEO

    Ivona Pajcin
      Ivona Pajcin

      co-founder & CMO

      Teodora Bogojevic
        Teodora Bogojevic

        Chief Account Manager

        About Our Company

        We are all about success - for our clients and for us!

        This year is the year of our official launch as an Agency. We put together a team of hard-working and brilliant experts to create a successful project – Strategnetic.

        Strategnetic is now established as an innovator in the field of Digital Marketing, not just because of our ideas, but because of our results. Our clients can count on us to deliver on their goals and even more!

        Our mission is to make a revolution in the 21st-century Digital Marketing industry, and we are closer to that with every new day.

        Content Creation


        Web Development


        Digital Marketing




        Case study - one of our clients

        We have developed an online store platform for our customer - sports equipment store Sport West. Also, we are managing all digital marketing of Sport West and other managing aspects of that platform.

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        Listed below are some of our service packages. Every client is different, so we create special packages for all of our clients that are best suited for them. Get your quote in the record time by clicking below.


        • SEO Optimization
        • Website Development + Landing Pages
        • Social Media Management
        • Content Marketing
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        • + All from Business Package
        • PPC Marketing
        • Email Marketing
        • Lead Generation


        • + All from Business & Premium Packages
        • News & Blog Sites Advertising
        • Branding/Rebranding
        • Free Graphic And Marketing Design

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